Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to the Summer of 2006

Yes, it's been a long time since I posted on this blog. A lot has transpired since.

The 2014 GUCR
Short story? Stopped at 48 miles owing to a flare-up of Crohn's.

Long story? Things were going well until I had to stop at 48 miles. :-))

The 2014 Liverpool-Leeds Canal race
Short story? Stopped at 54 or 55 miles owing to a flare-up pf Crohn's.

Long story? Things were going well until I had to stop.

Random pictures from the two races below.

                                                     (Before the Start of the 145M GUCR)

                                          (Somewhere in the first few miles of the 145M GUCR)

                                               (In Wigan during the Liverpool-Leeds 130M Race)

So it's time to step back and decide what I want to do with my "running" life. Running 100+ miles is what I wish to do most. Races that have not so stringent cutoffs are what I love doing for I am no longer interested in running quickly nor making really tight cutoffs (Spartathlon for one).

Ergo the title of this post. I have to almost go back to Square One i.e. find a way to manage what I eat in order to run 50 miles, 100 miles 145 miles, ...

Crohn's is not the end of my life. It is just the beginning of a different flavor of the same life.

My goal is to run the GUCR again next year. Along the way will be 50Ks, 50Ms, and possibly a 100M. I am excited at the prospect of re-experiencing the joy and thrill of crossing the Finish line of a 50M, 100K, 100M, ... all over again!! How many are given that chance again in life? Crohn's has given me that and I am excited.

Stay tuned (if you visit this blog).


Anil Rao said...

my dear friend, you should keep blogging about your new flavor of life and how you have oriented yourself to your life, you expressive very well. I oook fwd to getting back and running long with you again.. lets do one of the days soon.

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