Tuesday, February 07, 2012

2012: Looking Ahead

Gosh! I have not posted in over 3 months! Time to get cracking and update my blog more often.

After the Spartathlon I experienced deja moo a.k.a "I've seen this bulls*it before" in the Javelina 100M in November. Just like the prior 2 years, the first 4 loops went fine while the 5th one and half the 6th proved to be my bete noires once again. Like '09 I had the most amazing last 3 miles. Caleb Wilson offered to pace me for the final 9 miles and he was the reason I was able to run fast at the end. Thank you, Caleb!

Like the past 2 years I have gotten into this year's 145-mile Grand Union Canal Race (June 2). I have already paid my race fees for the Sep 28 Spartathlon and my race number is 73.

A few Fat Ass races, the Lake Sonoma 50M on April 14 and the Quicksilver 50M on May 12 pretty much make up the list of races I am using to prepare for the GUCR.

I do want to pour in a few months where I touch 100-110 miles per week. This, of course, might necessitate 2 runs per day on some days of the week or very long back to back weekend runs. I will have to play it by ear about how I get to 100+ mpw based on my work schedule.

Last year was a good year for my mileage - I ran just over 2500 miles which averages to about 7 miles per day. I want to get past 3000 miles this year and I do believe I might just be able to do it. January was a good start towards that goal - I had 215 miles in that month in addition to over 100 miles on my road bike.