Sunday, November 05, 2006

Helen Klein 50 Mile run

This ode is dedicated to Anil
Who ran the race of his life yesterday;
Powered on, he did, up every small hill,
As under 10 hours he ran that day.
I managed to stay with him for a bit,
But he was too fast for my aching feet;
I knew he was not one to ever quit:
I have never seen him admit defeat.
Boy! He must have had a fantastic race
For he spent many minutes in the john
And yet ran it in sub-12 minute pace!
His long training paid off - it was spot-on!!
There is no one prouder than me today:
My friend triumphed in his latest assay.

Anil Rao qualified to apply for the 2007 Western States 100-mile run 10 days before the application deadline. I am so proud of him. He trained hard through the summer and early fall, even running a 50K alone, on a bike path similar to the one in Helen Klein, in 5:20!!

Rashmi, his wife, kept informing me of his progress. It was a foregone conclusion that yesterday was his day as far as going under 11 hours went. The final question was how much under! Apparently he had stomach problems after 35 miles, necessitating a couple of calls from Mother Nature! In spite of that, he ran the 50 miles in 9:44. What a day he had!

He and I, as seems to be the case with us at Helen Klein, missed the start again. Last year we were late by almost 10 minutes. This year it was only 4 minutes or so. We decided to run the first 3-4 miles without stopping. They went by in a flash. We passed a lot of runners we knew or had gotten to know on our way up to the start (on the levee). Karen was one of them - she was running the 30K.

We finally walked for a few minutes around mile 4 and then started running again. We ran the first 10 miles in 100 minutes and realized that it was a bit too fast. We had, in the meantime, come upon Barbara Elia and her friend Dale, and spent the next mile or so talking with that legendary woman. What an amazing athlete she is. She never seems to stop. After her Rio Del Lago triumph, she ran the Tahoe Triple the weekend after (4:45 for the marathon on the third day) and then Ann Trason's Dick Collin's 50-miler the weekend after. Whew is all I can say.

A few miles later (around mile 11 or so) we met up with a runner named Nicole. She asked us if walking was worth doing. It was her first 50-miler. We both advised her to walk, if not every 5/10 minutes then every 20 minutes. Anil eventually took off on his own around mile 13. I met him briefly at the 15 mile water stop and then after the turnaround at mile 24 for me (mile 26 for him). That's how well he ran!

I ran with Nicole for a little while and then took off on my own. The miles from 20 to 30 were bad for me. My breathing went awry (I'm being operated on for my deviated septum on November 15th) around 2 hours into the race and my right foot had started hurting by then.

I still made the turnaround in 4:36, 14 minutes faster than last year. I met Padma and Rajesh around mile 26.8 (mile 23.2 for them) and informed them that the turnaround, in spite of what the sign at the previous water stop said, was closer than they thought. This was 5:06 into the race i.e. 12:06 p.m.

The 50K came in 5:59.

I met Rashmi, Anil's parents and my parents in the Goethe Park aid station. I got some much needed Tylenol from Rashmi and Sarita (Rajesh Agrawal's wife) and this proved to be the best move I could have made (in addition to starting Coke from the turnaround point, i.e. I lived on Coke for the last 25 miles).

This is where, for the first time in all the races I have run, I asked myself how badly I wanted a goal (for this race it was to finish in under 10). The answer was a resounding "WANT IT BADLY". It is like some switch, hitherto in the OFF position, had been switched on to fire up the turbines. I got first hand proof of Dr. Tim Noake's Central Governor Theory. Muscles and reserves I had not known existed were suddenly brought into play. The miles from 31 to 50 were spent in "flying". My pace was all over the chart - some periods of 8:00 mins/mile , some 8:45s, quite a few 9:30s, 9:45s and 10:00s. Most of them were in the 11:00-12:00 range.

My Garmin Forerunner 205 worked like a charm. The mileage was spot-on and that was indeed a big comfort. At any given moment I knew exactly where I was with respect to the Finish. I was constantly doing recalculations about my possible finish time and I had come up with a 9:45 finish. I eventually finished in 9:49. Close enough.

This was the second ultra where I experienced nausea. In this case it was probably the Ensure (2 bottles) fighting with Coke!

How different every race is! How much the richer I am for having run it! How much I get to learn about my body and, more so, my mind! How confident I am at the start of being able to acquit myself well! How I never think a single negative thought, testament to my having learned to manage my blood sugar well! How the amazing mind is able to summon up courage when it is needed the most!!

This was the last race of the year for me and I gave it my all. I am a happy camper. I ran it 23 minutes (almost 30 sec/mile) faster.

Chihping Fu, after running last weekend's SV Marathon in 3:34, ran a PR of 8:58 here. Nicole finished in 10:59:52!! With only 8 seconds to spare!!!!!!

Congratulations to all of you who were out there yesterday, be it the 30K, the 50K or the 50-miler.

Happy trails.


anil said...

Thanks Rajeev for the poem. As usual its a pleasure to run with you, initial miles flew by without realizing.

It was a perfect day for the most part , will update my blog soon.

thanks for your support, excited to see the WS lottery results, hope one of us gets through.

Anonymous said...

Rajeev, congrat your great PR finish. I'd like to chat with you and your parents more, but I was hurrying to leave as my kids had been fuzzy.

Wish you well in the coming surgery. After that, you'll get more O2 intake and boost your pergformance :-)



Rajeev said...

Anil - Congratulations once again. You ran a fantastic race.

Rajeev said...


You are NOT an average runner. I am one!! Congratulations on yet anotehr milestone and also on winning the age division award in the series!

Anonymous said...

Rajeev, congratulations!! Although you told me that night, I hadnt quite taken in the fact that you finished under 10 hours!

You have my utmost gratitude for your guidance on the course; I wouldn't have finished otherwise. Your positive attitude also helped remind me that ultrarunning should be fun!

Best of luck with you surgery, wonder what kinds of PRs you'll turn out afterwards?


Tiny Seal said...

Congratulations on finishing the race, and the PR!

What is this surgery abt? Running related? Good luck!


GP said...

it's all part of the journey, road to focus, balance and discovery. Congrats
to you both physically and spiritually

I remember doing a WS training camp and the clouds rolling in and Norm looking up nonchalantly saying "Hmm... i think we're going to have a little weather"... I think of that often since here in Montana, you run 5 miles or wait 5 minutes .. and it changes

Happy trails

Scott Dunlap said...

Rajeev and Anil -

Great work at HK! I wish you the best of luck in the WS100 lottery. You earned it with your finish here.

If you're ever interested in posting your Forerunner 205 maps, take a look at . It's a new web site that allows you to upload your GPS and photo data.

Best of luck on your surgery!


Rajeev said...


I was overjoyed when I learned that you had made it back in under 11. You are one tough lady! I hope you sent off your WS application. Today was the last day was it not?

Rajeev said...


Thanks! The surgery is for my deviated septum (nose). Hopefully I will be able to breathe way better afterwards.

Rajeev said...


That's a great story about Norm! Thanks.

Rajeev said...


You made it look easy second year in a row! Way to go!! I'll check out the site soon. Sorry for the late responses - I was in India the past 8 days.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay! that's awesome!