Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Year Ahead

It's been a few months since I have posted. I did not run any races since the Javelina Jundred 100M back on Halloween weekend.

At the end of December, 2009, I spent 10 days in Ubud, Bali. The runs were hot and humid but so pleasurable!

(The villa in Ubud, Bali, where I spent 10 idyllic days)

Some of my races for 2010 were fixed in my schedule many months ago while others showed up as I thought more about them. I may or may not do some of them but it sure feels nice to actually contemplate attempting them.

It is retribution time for the Coyote Two Moon 100M in March. The race is 10 days earlier than last year. I have chosen to go "The Full Monty" with the hours allotted to the runners i.e. 40 hours is what I asked Chris Scott to give me to finish the race. I am hoping to finally get my C2M buckle in a month.

I love running the American River 50M. The race is a favorite of mine and I love the jackets they hand out to Finishers. Truth be told, I run it mainly for the jacket. :-)

I got into Miwok 100K and that race is another favorite of mine. The views are spectacular as are the volunteers and, of course, Tia Bodington, the RD. Let's see if I can go under 14 hours this year.

The Quicksilver 50K was my first ultra marathon in May 2005 and I will run either that distance or the 50M in that race for as long as that race is put on or I am able to run. The course is never flat - you are either descending or climbing!

(Ah! Almaden Quicksilver Park views)

It would have been nice to run the Ohlone 50K for the third year in a row but I have decided to give it a miss and volunteer in the race instead. This is because it is the weekend before the next race on my schedule.

Last year's Thames Ring 250 only whetted my appetite for distances longer than 100 miles and the Grand Union Canal Race (GUCR), a 145-mile behemoth, promises to be another exciting race that will end up being infinitely satisfying should I finish. It runs from Gas Street in Birmingham to Little Venice in London and follows the Grand Union Canal towpath.

(Picturesque Grand Union Canal towpath just after Blisworth Tunnel)

I am hoping to recover in time from the GUCR to start the 317 mile (500K) run across the state of Tennessee. Known as the Vol State race, it is run on back country roads in 90+ degree heat and 90%+ humidity. I have no idea how I will fare but start it I will for sure.

In August I am contemplating either the Leadville 100M or a return, for the 4th time, to the Lean Horse 100M. I am hoping to decide in a month or two.

I toe the Start line of the inaugural South Downs Way 100M race in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, on Saturday, September 11. The race runs along the famous South Downs Way trail in the UK and finishes in the historic town of Winchester.

I will start the Dick Collins 50M on October 9th and then run the Javelina Jundred 100M once again on October 23.

(Anil and I in the 2009 Dick Collins 50M)

Let's see how this year pans out.


Anil Rao said...

Your Plan looks fantastic, rich with very rewarding runs and interetsing experiences for your golden year :). Wishing you a great at each of those Rajeev.

for now lets conquer the C2M beast in 2 odd weeks :).


Jeff B. said...

Nice posts, I look forward to meeting you at Javelina Jundred later this year. I have my home in San Jose, but being military, I'm only there about 4-8 days a month. We will cross paths in the upcoming years and I'd love to meet you. Your calendar looks very intersting and challenging. I'm still a beginning ultra runner and only have one 100 miler on the schedule and several 50K/marathons, but I will get there someday.

Rajeev said...


Thanks. :-)

Let's go slay the C2M beast.


Rajeev said...


Meeting up in Javelina will be fun!

Thank you for all that you do for the country!

Good luck with your races this year.


John Price said...

I hope to see you at Vol State this year Rajeev. I've done int 3 times, trying to do a double last year. I only made it 207 miles on the unofficial reverse but will try again to do the double this year. Will you be going with a crew or self supported? I've run self supported each time.
See you on the roads (or trails)

Rajeev said...


I am surely going to pick your brains a bit closer to Vol State.

I am impressed by your 2011 Across The US run! That sounds like a load of fun!!